This is a copy of a contract showing the role Braas plays at the purchase of Hultapannan AB. Benders acts as the official buyer. The contract below shows part of the way Braas (now Lafarge Braas) has paid for Hultapannan.

This contract together with the contract regarding financing of Mr Hanssons new company, Hulta Tegel AB, show clearly and beyond any doubt that Braas is the real buyer of Hultapannan. It is all about getting full control and escape competition. The trick is just as smart as it is foul, the new company, financed and controlled by Braas at the same time as the same company is the selling agent for the Koramic group, one of the largest producers of tiles in Europe and ofcourse competitors of Braas. The competition part is now done away with and replaced by talking and adjusting prices. Tremendously good for a company that does not rekognize any rules, tremendously bad for the  consumers that are paying excessive prices.

The numbers below have been printed on the contract as it was being faxed between Braas and its dummy company. They can easily be traced and checked.

Below is a recorded part of a phone conversation between Jan Öhlund and Carl-Erik Hansson in which he informs that Braas is the one that pays.  The recorded dialogue and the contract below is in Swedish.

                    Inspelat samtal Carl-Erik Hansson/Jan Öhlund kan ej återges utan plug-In support